How Much To Tip guide in Jordan

How Much to Tip Guide in Jordan | Perfect Guide for Tourists

In this Comprehensive blog post on How much to tip guide in Jordan, You’ll discover:

  • Common tipping practices in Jordan for various services
  • Recommended tip amounts for taxi drivers, waiters, hotel staff, etc.
  • The cultural norms and attitudes around tipping in Jordan

Do you struggle with knowing how much to tip for services in Jordan? Read on for local standards to avoid guesswork!

Quick Answer to Your Question

The basic appropriate tip in Jordan is:

  • 10-15% at restaurants
  • Round up taxi fares by 1-2 dinars
  • 1-3 dinars per service for hotel staff
  • 5-10 dinars per traveler for exceptional tour guides

But most importantly, don’t stress too much or feel ashamed if you tip slightly more or less. Jordanians understand tourists are still navigating local tipping culture. As tourism grows, tipping norms may continue developing.

How Much Should You Tip in Jordan?

Tipping customs in Jordan are still developing, so there is no absolute consensus.

However, here are some general guidelines for common services:

  • Taxi Drivers: Round up the fare to the nearest dinar or add 1-2 dinars as a tip.
  • Waiters: 10-15% of the bill is appropriate. Could be more for exceptional service.
  • Hotel Staff: 1-3 dinars per bag handled or per day as a housekeeper tip.
  • Tour Guides: 5-10 dinars per traveler as a thank you is suitable.

The actual amount depends on the service quality, bill total, group size, and your budget.

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How Much Do I Tip for the Services in Jordan? And Why?

I aim to tip around 10-15% at restaurants when I receive good service. If exceptional, I may tip 20% or more. I don’t expect perfection, but attentiveness and friendliness deserve appreciation.

For taxis, I usually just round up the fare to the next dinar since most rides cost 3-5 dinars. Occasionally I’ll add an extra dinar if the driver hauled luggage or was exceptionally courteous.

With hotel housekeepers, I leave 1-2 dinars per night. For door/bag service, I tip 1-3 dinars depending on the number of bags and level of service.

I don’t want to under-tip, so I try to follow local norms. Everyone works hard, so fair tipping shows respect and gratitude.

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What Makes Me Set These Standards to Tip in Jordan? My Funny and Embarrassing Story

When I first visited Jordan, I totally misunderstood the tipping culture. Based on practices in my home country, I didn’t realize service charges don’t mean staff earn living wages here. My shock came when a restaurant manager politely informed me that tips are still regular practice and essential income.

My face burned with embarrassment as I quickly calculated and added a 15% tip. I apologized for my ignorant assumption and asked about standard tipping advice for my ongoing travels. After kindly educating me on local norms, the manager said first-time tourists often make similar gaffes.

While funny and awkward in hindsight, that experience taught me an important lesson. Now I take time to research tipping advice wherever I go rather than assume it’s the same. When in doubt, I ask locals what’s considered fair based on stellar, standard or sub-par service. Knowing tipping norms helps tourism dollars stretch further to support hard-working Jordanians.

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Should You Tip in Jordan If Not Satisfied With the Service?

This is a tricky situation that even locals struggle with. On one hand, you don’t want to reward bad service by over-tipping. But on the other hand, tourism wages are often extremely low, and service staff depend on tips as essential income.

From experiencing the service culture in Jordan, I would say moderate tips are still appreciated, even with mediocre service. As a tourist, 10% for acceptable but unexceptional service is fair. You can always politely speak to the manager about issues without punishing the server or driver through zero tipping.

However, if the service is downright rude or negligent, then I would not tip at all. For example, if a waiter is outright hostile, ignores requests for water refills for an hour, or vanishes for most of the meal. In cases of genuine bad service, it’s reasonable as a tourist to politely complain to a manager and withhold the typical 10-15% tip.

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You could also reduce the usual tip amount if mistakes clearly fall on the staff member. Such as cold food after a long wait when the restaurant is not busy. Or a taxi driver taking a radically wrong route on purpose to unfairly increase the meter.

In essence, moderate yet slightly reduced tips are fine for mediocre service. But guests should not feel exploited through tipping in cases of truly terrible service. As in any country, tourists voting with their wallet incentives better hospitality and weed out those who damage tourism.

So be moderate in tipping for acceptable but flawed service. However, don’t feel guilty about limiting tips reserved for fair and friendly service if you genuinely experienced atrocious treatment.

Final Thoughts on How Much to Tip Guide in Jordan

While tipping culture is complex everywhere, Jordan remains more flexible than some countries. Focus less on perfect percentages, and more on showing waiters, drivers, bellhops and other service providers your genuine appreciation through reasonable gratuity.

When in doubt, seek friendly local advice rather than awkwardly guessing. And don’t forget to enjoy Jordan’s famed hospitality and cultural treasures in between tallying dinars!

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